Events and workshops August 2017


August 18: Concert of Live Music with Tai Chi Gung Master David Paul

You are invited to join us as our special guest for
Concert of live music with David Paul
Friday August 18th from 6:30pm to 8pm

Nic Nac Nook Metaphysical Bookstore 2730 s. Wadsworth Blvd Unit A, Denver Colorado 80227
Admission is FREE, but space is LIMITED. PRE-REGISTER in advance.

Call us at 303-922-9063 and learn more at

Psychic Fairs

Psychic Fairs

Psychic fairs are a way for us to give back to our valued patrons by making all reading/healing $1.00 a minute for 20 minutes. we have a wide variety of readers. make sure you stop by and take advantage of the savings.

upcoming dates:


Readers are subject to change.

The Greatest Event in History is now unfolding…

As we enter into a new cosmic cycle, under the influence of energies from
the constellation Aquarius, humanity stands on the threshold of a new and
brilliant civilization. This unprecedented period in human history will be
ushered in by a group of highly advanced men, the Masters of Wisdom, 
who for countless millennia have, from behind the scenes, guided the course
of human evolution. At their head, and now physically present in the world,
is Maitreya, the World Teacher.

Join us for a free presentation to hear about unfolding world events from a
spiritual perspective. 

Saturday, August 12 • 1pm
For more information, contact Ron Liggett • 303-819-2100

Drop in Discussion

 Glenn Rickert's Drop in discussion meets every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm to talk about many topics about the metaphysical and spiritual. Join us for a meeting of the minds and a stimulating and intriguing meeting of like minds.

Free for everyone

upcoming dates: topics 
August 2 topic: What's the best thing you could see happening on earth?
August 9 topic: "Now Energy" what does it involve?
August 16 topic: How are you preparing for the solar eclipse?
August 23 topic: Did the energy of the solar eclipse give us the impetus to move into the New Age?
August 30 topic: How energetic has August been for you?

Ron's Guided Meditations Every Wednesday at Noon

No Fee

Ron will present Guided meditations with music that compliments the adventure.  You will reach a better understanding of the true reality of ourselves and all of life. Some will carry us on a journey to high places and experience marvelous images of higher dimensions. You may find your mind will open up to greater realities of a spiritual nature.

Below is a descriptive title of the seven meditations, one offered each week.

Following the meditation, we will discuss the impressions and experiences of the meditative journeys. 

1. To know who we really are - 12 minutes

2. What God really is and our relation to Him - 15 min

3. Transformation to a higher reality - 9 min

4. A focus on Freedom and Love - 12 min

5. Becoming one with Nature - 15 min

6. The Heartbeat of all Life - 10 min

7. Journey to the Temple of Greater wisdom - 15 min

What does the August 2017 Eclipses have in store for you

On August 7th, we experienced a lunar eclipse in Aquarius. On August 21st, a powerful solar eclipse in Leo is occurring that is being dubbed the “Great American Eclipse” because it can only be seen from the United States. Since its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, it is the first such eclipse since the country's independence in 1776!

Receive an astrology forecast on August 25th from 6:00 to 8:30 for this truly unique period in history to see how your life will be affected. Along with the eclipses, your lunar return for the month ahead and your planetary transits will be analyzed.

You will need the following information for your birth chart calculation:

  1. Date of birth (including year)
  2. Location of birth (city/state)
  3. Exact time of birth (please check your birth certificate)

See you there!