Events and workshops December 2017


Psychic Fairs

Psychic Fairs

Psychic fairs are a way for us to give back to our valued patrons by making all reading/healing $1.00 a minute for 20 minutes. we have a wide variety of readers. make sure you stop by and take advantage of the savings.

upcoming dates:

No Psychic Fairs This Month

Readers are subject to change.

Kundalini Gong and Mantra Meditation Facilitated by Nancy Graves

Every 2nd Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Starting December 14

Nic Nac Nook, 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, 303-922-9063 No experience necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat or towel as many people choose to lay on the floor. $10 Donation - Space is Limited 

Experiencing a gong session is unique and rejuvenating. The sound of the gong can release stress, relax the mind, strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system. Relaxing into the sound of the gong, a person can reconnect with the original sound of the universe, merging with the transcendental state of shunya, or nothingness where inner truth can be accessed. 
In this class, we begin with a few light yoga movements to release the tension of the day. Then we lay down surrendering to the sound of the gong. To finish the class kundalini mantras are chanted to anchor in the energy of the session. This is a very powerful experience that many find unique and beneficial for its rejuvenating and recalibrating effects.
Nancy Graves is a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor/ Advanced Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. She has been practicing various techniques and styles of meditation for 20 years and brings a unique perspective to approach meditation. Nancy is a  Reader at Nic Nac Nook and provides classes for all levels making them fun, engaging and effective. 
See you then!

CBD Oil Q and A with Jesse Reynolds from Ambary Gardens

December 4

Time: 6:30pm to 8pm

Fee: Free for everyone

Join us for a night of learning about CBD products, how they work, and what they are good for. This is a question and answer so bring your questions about CBD. Jesse Reynolds is a sales representative for Ambary Gardens a locally owned CBD grow center, manufacturer, and distributor. 

Drop in Discussion

 Glenn Rickert's Drop in discussion meets every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm to talk about many topics about the metaphysical and spiritual. Join us for a meeting of the minds and a stimulating and intriguing meeting of like minds.

Free for everyone

upcoming dates: topics 

December 6 topic: Are we letting go of linear time and control?
December 13 topic: Is the end near? 


January 17:  Are you making resolution or is source?

January 24: What keeps repeating that needs looking in to?

January 31: How are your changes progressing?

Ron's Guided Meditations Every Wednesday at Noon

No Fee


Ron will present Guided meditations with music that compliments the adventure.  You will reach a better understanding of the true reality of ourselves and all of life. Some will carry us on a journey to high places and experience marvelous images of higher dimensions. You may find your mind will open up to greater realities of a spiritual nature.

Below is a descriptive title of the seven meditations, one offered each week.

Following the meditation, we will discuss the impressions and experiences of the meditative journeys. a

1. To know who we really are - 12 minutes

2. What God really is and our relation to Him - 15 min

3. Transformation to a higher reality - 9 min

4. A focus on Freedom and Love - 12 min

5. Becoming one with Nature - 15 min

6. The Heartbeat of all Life - 10 min

7. Journey to the Temple of Greater wisdom - 15 min

 January 7: Befriending the Shadow facilitated by Carolyn Martell
6 week class every Sunday starting on January 7 until February 11
Time 12pm to 2pm
Fee:$10 per person

The “Shadow Self” is defined as the wounded aspects of one’s self. The unsavory internal, personal arch types which contain the deep seated emotions and feelings of shame, guilt and past regrets.  The Shadow harbors all of our historical unhealthy behavioral traits which lay dormant within the underworld, (the hidden chambers of the unconscious mind).  It is these personal arch types, wounded aspects of self, one tries to conceal, hide from the rest of the world at large.  It is important to befriend our “Shadow Self” the enemy within in order to raise one’s level of awareness to attain health, wellness and inner healing.  During this six week course we will explore the methodology “Creative Art Process” to develop spirit tools, techniques to befriend and make peace with our personal Shadow.