Madeline Huggins

Madeline is a clairvoyant/intuitive consultant and can perform energy healings on you or your home. She also reads past lives and is a medium. She can perform house healings and blessings and will do house calls. She also reads the tarot and your palm. She has 50 years’ experience and was taught to read cards and energy by her mother. She has been training for several years to do spirit-guided energy healings and is remarkable in this area. She is also available for private parties or phone readings.

  • Psychic
  • Psychic Surgery/Healing
  • Tarot
  • Clairvoyant
  • Clearings and Aura Balancing
  • Energy Work
  • Medium

  • Available by appointment or by phone

    Beckie Huggins

     a fifth generation psychic, clairvoyant and empathy. She looks forward to reading for you and assisting you in making the best choices for your life.

    Intuitive Life Coach (assist psychic children and parents with abilities)

    Tarot and Oracle Cards

    Available on Mondays or by appointment. Phone sessions also available

    Dee Bass, M.A.

    Dee does intuitive readings, nutritional consultations and kinesiology. She is a transformational reader and helps people to gain clarity and turn their lives around. She was a juvenile counselor for 10 years and has had a private practice as a psychotherapist for another 10 years. She has an MA degree from Antioch International University.Dee is a professional intuitive, life coach and health educator who has helped people and their pets for over 30 years. Experience the joy of success.  Call to schedule your private session.

    • Intuitive Animal Communicator
    • Intuitive Reader
    •  Nutritional Education
    • Transformational Reader (helping people gain clarity and turn their lives around)
    •  Medical Intuitive

    Available by appointment only. Call the store to arrange a Phone Reading

    Josephine Thomas

    Josephine has been reading for 33 years and is fluent in both English and Spanish and does psychic readings with Tarot cards or Angel cards. She brings a compassionate style to her readings and has a genuine interest in helping you see choices in a situation.

    • Psychic Tarot (Readings can be done in Spanish)

    Available by phone appointment only call the store to schedule your appointment

    Douglas Moulton

     Douglas Moulton is a sentient and an avid Tarot reader whose goal is to help others find their own inner light and worth by helping them to see the forest through the trees. He also strives to break down any concerns in detail, to find the cause, and what might need to take place in order to bring about the changes in their lives that they are seeking. 

    .Tarot card reader

    Available for readings on Tuesdays and the first Saturday of the month. available for phone readings.

    Nancy Graves

    By utilizing the information retrieved and the wisdom I have learned through my unique studies in metaphysics, Coaching, and Yoga, I am able to provide guidance in creating a more graceful journey.

    • Tarot Reader

    • Intuitive Counsel

    Available Thursdays 11am to 4pm or by phone

    Jim Trader

    Professional Astrologer


    Jim is a professional astrologer and published author living in Denver Colorado. Having studied astrology since 1982, he began his professional practice in 2009. He teaches classes and does personal readings for clients across the country. His book "Hero and Wanderer" is available through, Full Moon Books, Herbs & Arts, and from him directly. On his website Jim posts information about upcoming events as well as articles about current astrological topics. To set up a reading or learn more about what Jim has to offer, contact him directly at [email protected] or 720-937-3344.

    Available by appointment only