Please register in advance for all classes and workshops online or by phone at 303-922-9063.

Psychic Fairs

November 29, 30, and December 1: Holiday Open House
Time: Friday November 29 from 11am to 4pm Saturday November 30 from 11am to 4pm and Sunday December 1 from 11am to 4pm

This is our biggest fair of the year!! Help us celebrate the holiday season with like minded people! We have $1 a minute readings, aura photography, a raffle each day of the fair, snacks, and 20% OFF the ENTIRE store . come down to the Nic Nac Nook to celebrate the holidays with us. 


Madeline Huggins will be doing Aura Photography

Beckie Huggins (All Weekend)

Tarot and Oracle cards, Aura clearings and Aura healings

Beckie offers traditional tarot card readings complemented by oracle deck insights. Her readings, which employ a tarot spread unique to Beckie and Madeline's family heritage, are focused on the here and now and show how lifelong patterns are affecting you. She gives specific guidance using relatable analogies on how to frame your choices and move through what's holding you back, while emphasizing the things the client is doing well that he or she might not see. Depending on what the client's challenges and strengths are, guides, lessons, validation and work to be done may all come to light. Beckie is open to answering specific questions about past and future, but the focus is always in relation to the present. Beckie has been offering psychic insight in this lifetime since she was 5 years old, when she was taught how by her grandmother, Madeline's mother, Unice Castor.

Jim Trader (All Weekend)

Professional Astrologer

Jim is a professional astrologer and published author living in Denver Colorado. Having studied astrology since 1982, he began his professional practice in 2009. He teaches classes and does personal readings for clients across the country. His book "Hero and Wanderer" is available through, Full Moon Books, Herbs & Arts, and from him directly. On his website Jim posts information about upcoming events as well as articles about current astrological topics

Colleen Andraste LMT (Friday Only)

Coleen is a certified Psychic, Spirit Medium, and Channel for the angelic realm. Colleen is a graduate of and coach for the Aspen program for psychic development. Colleen is also well known as a gifted intuitive healer and licensed Massage Therapist. Colleen is especially tuned people in state of transition and need clarity. It is Colleen’s desire to bring light and hope into people’s lives.

Kris Gibbs: (Saturday Only)

Kris offers Angelic, Channeled tarot readings and consultations. She has a background in education and has been a teacher of metaphysics for over 25 years. Her channeled sessions with Archangel Michael addresses your soul's purpose and the relevance to what is occurring to your life today. Her warm, engaging and playful manner assists you in obtaining answers

Jill Pitts (Saturday and Sunday)

Jill Pitts is an Astrologer, Tarot reader, Angel Card Reader and perpetual student of metaphysics. She brings the spiritual down to earth while employing combinations of these areas of learning. Her goal is to guide, empower and assist you toward rediscovering your authentic self, helping you awaken to that which you already know.

November 14: Kundalini Gong and Mantra Meditation Facilitated by Nancy Graves


 Next date: November 14 from 6:30pm - 7;30pm

Nic Nac Nook, 2730 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, 303-922-9063 No experience necessary.  Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat or towel as many people choose to lay on the floor. $10 Donation - Space is Limited 

Experiencing a gong session is unique and rejuvenating. The sound of the gong can release stress, relax the mind, strengthen the nervous system and balance the glandular system. Relaxing into the sound of the gong, a person can reconnect with the original sound of the universe, merging with the transcendental state of shunya, or nothingness where inner truth can be accessed. 
In this class, we begin with a few light yoga movements to release the tension of the day. Then we lay down surrendering to the sound of the gong. To finish the class kundalini mantras are chanted to anchor in the energy of the session. This is a very powerful experience that many find unique and beneficial for its rejuvenating and recalibrating effects.
Nancy Graves is a Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor/ Advanced Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. She has been practicing various techniques and styles of meditation for 20 years and brings a unique perspective to approach meditation. Nancy is a  Reader at Nic Nac Nook and provides classes for all levels making them fun, engaging and effective. 
See you then!

November 21: Crystal Bowl bath with Seija Curtin

October 17: Crystal Bowl bath with Seija Curtin
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Fee: $10

Join us for an evening workshop: a review of capacity of sound healing and then transformation through the frequency and vibration of sound. 

Seija Curtin aligns and balances with the quantum, consciousness and metaphysics of wholiness through reiki in the usui system of Natural Healing (the original linreage) during sound experiences.

Call 303-922-9063 to pre-register and reserve your spot

Bring your yoga mats, pillows, blankets and water

December 9: A Night of Gallery Readings and Enlightenment  


MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2019 6:00pm - 9:00pm

DENVER, CO 80227

You are invited to spend an evening with Psychic & Intuitive Medium Don Moreau. I will be doing Gallery Style Readings and providing information on Path, Journey, Abilities & Past Lives. This is a great opportunity to be connected to Spirit and have loved ones deliver their messages.

Tickets prices are $40.00 per person. To reserve your seat you can prepay via PayPal using the link on this post or sign up and pay in person at the location. Payment will also be accepted at the door the night of the Event. Seating is limited to 20.

My last 4 Events at this location have been a Full House.

I look forward to seeing you there and sharing a night of Spirit with you!