We carry many new and used books for a wide variety of subjects from Astrology to Wiccan and everything in between.

 We carry a large selection of reiki charged and votive Candles  as well as Quick spell candles, and individual ritual candles.

Need Incense? We got plenty of Incense in small boxes that contain 8 sticks or our big pack that contains 20 incense sticks as well as mix and match incense 12 sticks for $2.00  and a variety of incense cones.

Ceremonial Herbs are here! we carry a nice selection of different herbs and resins. as well as different salts to purify your stones and space.
Stones as low as low as $1.00 as well as spheres, clusters, and points.
 divination and oracle decks ready and available. we also have sample decks to look through. We also have a drop in tarot class every other Sunday  that lets you use the sample decks in practice readings with peers in the group before you commit to buying any deck.
Jewelry ranges from many necklaces,  earrings, pendants, and bracelets.
We carry figurines of animals carved from stone. Totem animals(mini stone carvings of animals), Fairy and Dragon Figurines, and religious statues.
 More than just a holiday card, Our greeting and holiday cards are works of art. These cards will take your breath away and will always be remembered. Don't settle for a simple card. We have a card for every occasion.