Nic Nac Nook will be closing at 2pm July 3rd and will be closed July 4th

Nic Nac Nook Annual Birthday Celebration
July 22nd and 23rd from 10am to 5pm both days

We will have 10 readers available for readings for $1 a minute (20 minutes being the minimum). We will also have Henna Tattoos for $20 for 20 minutes, cake, a raffle, and much more.

Thank you for 51 years in business!!!

Readers for the Celebration

Kris Gibbs (Available Saturday): An engaging and playful spiritual reader, who will channel information from the archangels and use Doreen Virtue’s Archangel power tarot cards to guide you to your soul’s purpose and help you see the relevance of what is occurring in your life today so you can make powerful, positive changes. Kris will share with you how to connect with the angels.


Richard Hartnett H.W.M.:

Richard Hartnett, H.W.M has over 30 years’ experience as an oracle reader specializing in the tarot. Richard has Co-created The Evolutionary Tarot deck. He is Nationally certified psychic and master tarot instructor with the American Tarot Association. He offers tarot readings, dream interpretations, and palmistry. His background includes studies in Native American spirituality, Sufism, Jungian Psychology, Gurdjieff’s “Fourth way” and world mythology. Richards goal is to empower you to make effective choices in your life based upon the truth that is revealed through oracle readings.


Cookie James:

Cookie has been a a counselor for over 16 years. Her specialty is working with children, and she also works with families and individuals. Now combining her unique intuitive ability with her counseling shills, she offers insight for a wide range of life challenges. Her tools include; Crystal oracle, tarot, and aura readings. Cookie is also associated with quantum spirituality seminars. Through QSS she supports the teaching of spiritual disciplines that positively transform lives. She co-teaches the Quantum Relationship workshop with Richard Hartnett.


Eric Hughes:

Eric is a seasoned Astrologer/Tarot reader with more than 20 years of experience in the metaphysical arts/sciences. He provides excellent insights and has strong counseling and problem-solving skills that he utilizes via astrology and the tarot. He has a proven record of achieving exceptional results.

Jim Trader:

Jim is a professional astrologer and published author living in Denver Colorado. Having studied astrology since 1982, he began his professional practice in 2009. He teaches classes and does personal readings for clients across the country. His book "Hero and Wanderer" is available through, Full Moon Books, Herbs & Arts, and from him directly.


Colleen Andraste LMT

Colleen is a certified psychic, Spirit Medium, and channel for the angelic realm. Colleen is a graduate of and coach for Aspen program for psychic development. Colleen is especially tuned into people in a state of transition and need clarity. It is Colleen’s desire to bring light and hope into people’s lives.

Sonya Anderson

I am a practicing intuitive, medium, medical health intuitive, channeler, angelic reader, intuitive counselor and spiritual coach who enjoys helping and watching the excitement and joy that comes from my clients unlocking their full potential and own truths. I bring passion and boundless energy to readings with my clients as I encourage them to find their own truths. I have been teaching etheric studies since 2010 and have many accomplished students. I myself continue to teach as well as learn. Currently I am working on co-authoring a book, developing new, more advanced classes, and continue to offer readings to the public from time to time.

I feel people are responsible for their destinies; we’re beings of free will. Our knowledge of truth is within each of us, and, together, we can share and encourage each other in the excitement that is our journey—our life.”

Beckie Huggins (available Sunday)

a fifth-generation psychic, clairvoyant and empathy. She looks forward to reading for you and assisting you in making the best choices for your life. Intuitive Life Coach (assist psychic children and parents with abilities). She uses the Tarot and Oracle Cards.


Simply Psychic

Anne is a world-renowned reader with clients in Italy, Spain, and New York City. She has been a professional intuitive since 1953 and is a published author of several books. Anne is a proficient palmist, hand reader, tarot card reader, and artwork intuitive.  She is currently working on a book about reading the tops of hands.

July 3: Will be CLOSING at 2pm Monday July 3
July 4: We will be CLOSED for 4th of July

July 11: Tai Chi with David Paul

Tai Chi will be a six week class every Tuesday starting July 11 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm and will be $60 for all 6 classes. MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED IN ADVANCED.

Space Available for classes check the  services tab for more information.

The Oldest Metaphysical Book Store in the Country

At Nic Nac Nook Metaphysical Book Store in Denver, CO, we’re proud to be the oldest metaphysical bookstore in the city and the country.

We’ve been in business since 1966 and are known as, “The Feel Good Store” because, once people came in, they immediately want to come back and often say, “It just feels good here.”

We pride ourselves on our many years in business and appreciate are many loyal customers who’ve kept us here. 

Stop by and get a reading or check out our new and used metaphysical and spiritual books and other items, including tarot and oracle decks, jewelry, crystals, stones, herbs and more. We’re a must-see store so come visit us today.