Join Us For Our Open House

Happy Holidays from the Nic Nac Nook!!!

Join us for our Annual Open House!!!

Friday November 23 from 11am to 4pm,

Saturday November 24 from 10am to 4pm

Sunday November 25 from 12pm to 4pm

We will be having an Open house on November 23, November 24, and November 25. We will have snacks, drinks, readings for $1 a minute (with a 20-minute minimum) and healings for $1 a minute (with a 20-minute minimum). Waiting on a reading? Jump into one of our FREE lectures while you wait! We will also be having 20% off on the ENTIRE store (except for consignment goods and CBD). Stop on by and celebrate the Holidays with the Nic Nac Nook!

Lectures will be on Saturday from 10:30am to 2pm

Lectures will be on Saturday from 10:30am to 2pm

Kris Gibbs Angels Messages for 2019!

Time: 10:30 to 11:30

Kris will channel information from the Archangels (Michael, Rafael, Gabriel, and Ariel) to assist you. She will use the guidance of Doreen Virtue's Archangel Power Tarot cards. The year 2019 is a spiritual year to make powerful changes. The archangels are here it give humanity hope and inspiration for all who ask for their assistance.

John Karris will be doing a lecture on Body Talk

Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm

BodyTalk is the most natural, holistic method to restore health and wellbeing to every aspect of our lives. By enabling the client to access and utilize their body's own natural healing ability, BodyTalk can result in profound changes in every dimension of life.

Health “ Stress, migraines, back pain, emotional distress, menstrual issues, sleep, allergies.

Profession “ Job performance, career/life changes, conflict resolution.

Athletics “ Mental and physical performance, injury prevention, rapid injury recovery. 

Relationships” Harmonizes and improves relationship dynamics at home, work, teams.

Life Path “ Aligning with destiny, releasing karmic entrapment.

Pets “ Dysfunctional behavior/habits, improved social dynamics.

Dale Finnila

Time 1pm to 2pm

Lecture: Perceiving Spirituality, for the New Era

In the new era, each person must perceive that the energies of our world have changed and recognize how to effectively work with these energies. For the younger generation working with the new energies is natural, for the age enhanced, one must recognize that old world energies no longer impact our lives. We will discuss healing self, new ideas and perceiving spiritual thoughts for the new era.

Meet the Readers

Beckie Huggins (Friday and Sunday)

Beckie offers traditional tarot readings complemented by oracle deck insights. Focused on the here and now, she will show which lifelong patterns are affecting you with specific guidance on how to move through what's holding you back, Guides, lessons, validation and work to be done may all come to light.

  Richard Hartnett (All Weekend)

Richard Hartnett, H.W.M. has over 30 years experience as an oracle reader specializing in tarot. A Nationally Certified Psychic and Master Tarot Instructor with The American Tarot Association, he offers Tarot readings, Dream Interpretation and Palmistry. Richard's goal is to empower you to make effective choices in your life based upon the truth that is revealed through oracle readings.

  Cookie James (All Weekend)

Cookie has been a counselor for over 16 years. Her specialty is working with children and families. Combining her unique intuitive ability with her counseling skills, she offers insight for a wide range of life challenges. Her tools include crystal oracle, tarot, and aura readings. Cookie is also associated with quantum spirituality seminars where she supports the teaching of spiritual disciplines that positively transform lives.

    Seija Curtin (Saturday and Sunday)   

Seija has a Master's in Community Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Reiki Master, Karuna Healing Master and is Certified in Soul Body Fusion(R) and Psycho-Emotional Kinesiology. A recognized Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer, Seija helps you move beyond illusion, confusion, and reactivity to the greatest Soul experience possible, through Creating consciously, the joyful adventure they are so inspired to have on this planet.

John Karis (All Weekend)

John is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Graduate of the Light-Body School of Shamanic Medicine, and an instructor in Maharishi Vedic Sciences. Development of consciousness is the fundamental ingredient in all energetic healing. Studying, teaching, and practicing Maharishi Vedic Science for development of consciousness for 40 years, John began specializing in consciousness-based healing in the mid-90s. Bringing both his training and experience into becoming a Body Talk practitioner, he now practices in Frisco at Trinity Wellness Studio and in Lakewood at Back To Basics.

 Diane Bischoff (Friday and Saturday)

Diane offers intuitive tarot, psychic readings, mediumship, as well as medical intuitive services. She also has led gallery readings both public and for private parties. Diane is also certified by Brian Weiss in past life regressions and used this skill to take clients into a Past Life Guided Meditation both in group and individual sessions.

Kriss Gibbs (Saturday and Sunday)

Kris offers Angelic, Channeled tarot readings and consultations. She has a background in education and has been a teacher of metaphysics for over 25 years. Her channeled sessions with Archangel Michael addresses your soul's purpose and the relevance to what is occurring to your life today. Her warm, engaging and playful manner assists you in obtaining answers

   Carolina (Saturday and Sunday)

Carolina is a flower essence Alchemist, oracle card reader, astrologer, MA Social Work and currently taking classes on Alchemy Therapy from Brazil. She helps family challenges, traumas, intra-uterine traumas, and life issues through a Brazilian form of flower essence therapy, native to her country. This therapy is a very unique method of healing body, mind, and spirit, a brand-new type of modality that has never been presented to North America. This Alchemical treatment provided by Carolina aims to balance Chakras, heal intrauterine traumas and clean unhealthy characteristics of our DNA, it has the power to clean old patterns, feelings, and ties that interrupt our mission in life. It is possible to detoxify behaviors we inherit from our ancestors, so the individual can be free to choose their own path and destiny, free from energy ties that hold them back to live their real purpose. Carolina has the purpose to help you through this unique therapy by setting yourself free so you can find your purpose on Earth, it`s a transformative journey. 

Eric Hughes (Saturday)

Eric is a seasoned Astrologer/Tarot reader with more than 20 years of experience in the metaphysical arts/sciences. He provides excellent insights and has strong counseling and problem-solving skills that he utilizes via astrology and the tarot. He has a proven record of achieving exceptional results. Astrology readings are $1.50/minute.

  Phyllis Hampton (All Weekend)

Phyllis Hampton is a healing touch practitioner, shamanic healer, clinical hypnotherapist, consciousness theorist, and student and teacher of ancient wisdom and healing philosophies.

Dale Finnila (Saturday and Sunday)

Is an intuitive, visionary, and ideas person. As a Leo, I believe in the benefits of an expansive, integrative, spiritual thinking and my spiritual walk spans many lifetimes of deep spiritual commitment and learning. I walk with dragons and have a devotion to the Master Crystal Skulls. I have a dream to create The 12 and the 1 worldwide self-empowerment centers devoted to each and every being. I have been trained in hypnosis, and I am an inspirational speaker.

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