Inquiries have come in requesting online registration so we have set this up on If you would like to register online for our event, please click the link: <>

For other inquiries or to speak to Christina directly to have your questions answered, please call 720-357-3703, afternoons Monday through Wednesday, 1:00-4:00 pm MST. If you would like to visit Christina's website or leave message for her there, please go to <>. Christina's artwork will be for sale at the event also.

Bio for Christina Colombo

Christina Columbo was born in New Jersey in 1961. As a child she was artistically inclined as well as being psychic, frequently communing with angels and light beings. After receiving an undergraduate degree in Art from the State College of New Jersey, she went on to get a computer programming degree, and then a master's degree from NYU in business and philosophy. During these academic years she worked in New York City as a computer graphic artist, programmer and financial consultant, as well as maintaining a psychic reading clientele.

Hoping her academic studies and New York City lifestyle and career would create a life of happiness, she was surprised to find a very different calling in 1996, at the age of 35. Following her heart, she walked out of her life and for the next 19 years she lived as a monastic, training under an enlightened Hindu master whom she lived with and attended personally for much of this time.  

As a spiritual aspirant Christina's path was far from smooth or blissful. In 1999 she entered a dark night of the soul cycle that was to last 12 years. During this time she stayed in service and spiritual practice under the careful guidance of her teacher, as she was lead through the healing work necessary to overcome the suffering of her karmic debt, and her ingrained ego.

In 2010, she emerged from this cycle as a completely different being, and spent the next 5 years integrating her new perspective and experience of life as an opportunity to live in love and with compassion for all beings. In 2016 came a profound deepening of her awakened state, at which time she moved to a monastery in Crestone, Colorado. For the next two years she stayed in retreat and deepened her communion with the Ascended Masters and Divine guides residing in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain. At the end of this period her guides and fellow spiritual practitioners encouraged her to begin teaching. She is now transmitting the messages and healing work of the ascended masters and divine beings working with the planet at this time to transition into the era of the New Earth.

Reflecting on her path, Christina has said, For much of my life although it appeared I had achieved success, I didn't feel my life had purpose. This led to my monastic journey, meditation, service and eventually a journey into the depths of my own heart. At the end of my 19 years as a monastic, and spiritual practitioner it was as if nothing had happened and everything had happened. I appeared the same but the lens through which I viewed the world was completely different. My heart was open and filled with love, calm and a desire to serve humanity. The Holy beings I keep company with in my private retreat of the last two years are very clear my period of isolation is over.  It is time to move into the world as a servant of God, guide and messenger of love, healing and peace.

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